“My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist”


Hello. My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist.

I know I’m a racist because I’m told I’m a racist by a great deal of people. The hard Left think I’m a racist, the Labour Party thinks I’m a racist, Conservatives think I’m a racist, Liberal Democrats think I’m a racist, the BBC thinks I’m a racist. So I must therefore be a racist.

Why am I a racist? It’s very simple: I wish to preserve the culture of my country, I wish to preserve the people of my country, and in doing so that makes me a designated racist in today’s society.

Now this is something that’s been moved by the Left – the goalposts have been moved by the Left a considerable distance on this. In order to be termed a racist thirty or forty years ago, you had to actively dislike foreign people. I don’t dislike foreign people. What I do like, what I love, is my country, my culture and my people, and I see them under a terrible threat at the moment.

Britain is a very small country that’s opened its doors to the mass immigrants of the Third World, and we are simple being overwhelmed. Our schools can’t cope, our hospitals can’t cope, very little can cope any more. Our welfare system is on the verge of buckling as well. So if I want to defend what I grew up in, what I was born into – my country, my British culture, my heritage and my history – I am apparently, according to absolutely everybody today, a racist.

But I don’t think that’s the case. Not the case that I’m not actually a racist – I’m going to admit that full out, right now, because clearly I am. I’ve been told by so many people I am, it simply must be true. I’m probably also an Islamophobe.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Now I don’t have an irrational fear of Islam. I look around the world today, – at Syria at the moment, almost a hundred thousand people have been killed in the last two years, where Shia Muslims are slaughtering Sunni Muslims and vice versa – I look at places like Indonesia, Egypt, and China and the Philippines – everywhere you look you see problems with Islam. And there’s violence. They are – dare I say it, to really reinforce my racist credentials – a thoroughly savage political and religious ideology.

Now many people will disagree with that. The far Left of course will say, you cannot criticise Islam because Islam is a religion, and rules have now been put into place in this country that say if you criticise it, you are guilty of inciting religious hatred. But Islam is not just a religion, Islam is a political ideology as well and we need to call it out on the fact that it is also political. It is a culture that is both political and religious.

I would like to know if I’m able to say certain things about it. Do I think for example that stoning adulteresses to death is something we should welcome in this country? Well I don’t think it is. Therefore, I’m guilty of religious hatred by saying it. Do I think homosexuals should be hanged from cranes? No I don’t, I think it’s backward, I think it’s savage, and I think the people that do it are beyond the pale, quite frankly.

I’m not allowed to say these things because of course I’m again inciting religious hatred. So not only am I a racist, I’m also a religionist, apparently.

But I’m not. We have a huge problem in this country, that is not going to go away, it is going to get worse and worse and worse. We as a people are declining, as a demographic, and the Islamic population is growing nine times faster than any other; and when I look to the future I see a full-blown religious civil war occurring in this country. The unthinkable things that are going on in somewhere like Syria today will happen in this country before 2040, certainly before 2050. I don’t want Britain to turn into a country like that. So I’m going to denounce Islam as a backward, savage political and religious ideology, and to hell with what anybody thinks about that – because if we don’t do something about it, we are going to be involved in something that most people can barely even begin to imagine in Britain.

Babies are beheaded in towns in Syria. The idea this could happen in somewhere like Surbiton, or even Eaton Square, is simply impossible to think for most people but it is going to happen, it really is going to happen. So we need to denounce it for what it is. And we need to start mounting some sort of defence against it.

But the trouble with mounting a defence against it is that you get hit with the ‘racist’ accusation: “I’m not a racist, but …”. So here’s the thing: I am a racist. If I want to avoid a civil war happening in my country, I am prepared to accept being called a racist; and you should be prepared to accept being called a racist as well. Let’s all just say, “Yes, we’re dreadful, dreadful racists”, and let’s start denouncing an ideology that is the most primitive, backward, savage ideology that we’ve wilfully imported into this country – by the Left, by people like Tony Blair, he did it deliberately in order to undermine our culture, our people, our country, my country. They did it deliberately – and then they said you’re no allowed to actually argue with us about this.

Well I’m arguing with you about this Mr Blair. And I’ll tell you something: you … repealed the treason laws shortly after you came into power. I think you committed treason, Mr Blair. I think you committed treason when you said, we are going to import the Third World in order to “rub the noses of the right in diversity”. For me, that’s treason.

Your principal duty was to uphold the best interests of the people of this country. The idea that you deliberately set out to undermine us and to subvert us is an act that’s criminal. It doesn’t matter that you repealed the laws, those laws can be brought back. And one day Mr Blair, you will be tried for treason, along with the rest of your Cabinet and every single high-ranking Labour politician that allowed this criminal act to happen.

I’m going to tell you this. It doesn’t matter that you can perhaps prosecute me for ‘racism’ or inciting religious hatred. I don’t believe in that. I believe only in one thing: the defence of my country, the defence of my people, the defence of my culture. And everything else can just go to hell.

I am a racist.

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paul weston im racist for defending my country

great come backs we use

Q: Why are you doing this?

 A: Because we can.


 Q: No seriously, you must have a reason for creating this page?!

 A: We do. We created this page to prove that Muslims cannot control us. Not now nor in the future will there ever be a time when we will submit to your will. We are free people and you will never tell us what to do.


 Q: We don’t want to control you. We just want you not to insult our religion. Can’t you understand?

 A: This is a contradiction. How can you say “you don’t want to control us” when you’re telling us what to do in the same sentence? If you don’t like what you see on this page, go somewhere else.


 Q: But, you insulting a Muhummad that we have a great deal of respect for? How would you feel if we insulted Jesus or Moses? Muslims just do don’t things like that.

 A: We don’t particularly give a damn if you do. Some of us here are atheists and could care less what religious figures you insult. Others here are Christians, Jews, Hindus or others who
don’t care enough about your opinion to worry about it. Insult anyone you like. We have broad shoulders and your opinion doesn’t matter.


 Q: Why do you hate Muslims?

 A: We don’t hate Muslims. We hate Islam. Islam is a vile ideology which suppresses the human spirit much like Communism or Nazism. It needs to be discredited and destroyed. Many of us feel sorry for Muslims. Others are apathetic towards them. Hating people is not something we participate in.


 Q: Don’t you see that what you’re doing is racist?

 A: Racism is bigotry exhibited towards members of a race. That is the simplest definition for “racism”. Tell us what “race” Muslims belong to and we’ll have a discussion about racism. However, as far as our understanding goes, Muslims come from all kinds of racial backgrounds.


 Q: You know what I mean when I say “racist”. Stop playing word games.

 A: It isn’t a word game at all. Words have meanings. Stop and think about what you’re calling people before you start calling people knee-jerk words such as “racist”.


Q: you’re an Islamophobe

A: A phobia is an irrational fear.  It’s totally rational to fear an intolerant hate-preaching faith.  I do admit to suffering from Islamonausea; I’m sickened by all that hate, violence and oppression of women.


Q: Maybe if you actually read the Quran and understood it, you wouldn’t feel the way you do about Mohammed.

 A: Most of the people here are sick of this STEREOTYPE. We have ALL READ YOUR STUPID BOOK. This is the reason we feel the way we do about your religion. It is specifically BECAUSE we have read it. To this end, we encourage all Westerners who lecture us about being more “tolerant” to read the Quran for themselves so they understand why we feel the way we do. Do your own research and discover what Islam is really about.


 Q: But, do you have to insult a man like Mohammed who millions consider to be holy?

 A: Absolutely. Mohammed was a suicidal, lying, murdering, thief who enjoyed having sex with nine year old children. Lest you think this is hyperbole and I’m making it up, do your own google search and find out for yourself. The people here are fully prepared to back up every single one of these claims. As such, Mohammed deserves to be stationed on the ninth plane of hell for all eternity. (If you grant that such a place actually exists)


A. Well … there’s bad stuff in the bible too

Q. and this is an excuse for koranic-inspired brutality? Most of the violence in the bible is restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text.  Koranic violence, by contrast, is mostly open-ended; Koranic aggression speaks to muslims today.  The koran contains atleast 109 verses calling muslims to wage war against nonbelievers.  There are very few verses of tolerance or peace in the koran to abrogate or balance out the calls for non-muslims to be fought and subdued until they accept humiliation, convert to Islam or be killed.  Muslims who do not join the fight are called “hypocrites” and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter


 Q: But, the things you accuse Mohammed of happened centuries ago when such things were common place and considered acceptable. Can’t you understand that he was just a man of his times?

 A: Absolutely not. Mohammed is believed, by millions of Muslims, to have led the Sunnah or perfect life. This makes him fully worthy of emulation by the people of today. As long as this attitude continues in the Islamic community, Mohammed’s behavior is fair game.


 Q: Well, if you don’t like Islam, you don’t have to become a Muslim. Nobody is making you. After all, even the Quran says that there is no coercion in religion.

 A: This is just double-speak. The Quran DOES say that. It also says that Jews and Christians should be turned into dhimmis. A dhimmi is a second class citizen living in an Islamic state. Dhimmis are denied freedom to worship as they wish and have to suffer needless humiliation in order to continue practicing their religion. As such, many find it easier to convert to Islam and spare the humiliations of being a dhimmi. Islam has spread in this manner for centuries and continues to follow this practice. You can see this in countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia. There is no reason to believe that Europe and the Americas are not under Islamic sights in the future.


 Q: So you think that insulting someone elses’ prophet will prove anything to Muslims?

 A: Absolutely. It will prove that you cannot turn us into dhimmis. You have no control here. Your best bet is to go somewhere else and ignore us. Live and let live as you are allowed to do in Western countries. Lecture your own ummah on what constitutes “respect” and let the rest of us make that decision for ourselves.


 Q: Do you really think this will be effective?

 A: Yes. Islam teaches that Muslims need to control the behavior of the entire world. Anytime in history that this has proven difficult (the battle of Vienna, the battle of Tours/Poitiers/the end of caliphate after the first world war), Muslims have typically become demoralized and given in for a time. This has been the ONLY times since the life of Mohammed that the world has been free of the jihad. For this reason, Westerners have a MORAL OBLIGATION to throw the freedom in the face of Islam and SHOW WITHOUT RESERVATION that jihad has no place in the 21st century. Come join us in OUR struggle.



Facebook is still waging a war against our movement. If people (Muslims and liberals) put as much effort in trying to stop, or prevent Islamic terrorist acts, and the vile teachings and doctrines of the Quran, then maybe we wouldn’t need this page.

Why do people want to strike out against a movement that is trying to protect their culture and heritage?

Islamic attacks, death treats and any other way the Muslims can show they are not the ‘religion of peace’ does far more damage to Islam than any facebook or web page can. But the liberals and Muslims are too willing to sweep it all under the carpet and protest us instead.