Pakistan: Christian widow threatened by husband’s Muslim family with Islam or death

Pakistan: Christian widow threatened by husband's Muslim family with Islam or death

“There is no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2:256), but many Muslims have a substantially different idea of what constitutes “compulsion” from that what most non-Muslims assume.

“Lahore: Christian widow threatened by husband’s Muslim family, Islam or death,”

Islamabad ( AsiaNews) – ” When I got married , the relatives [ of my husband ] have begun to exert pressure so that I convert [to Islam]. But my husband stood up for me , saying that ‘ my wife and my children should feel free to profess their faith ‘ . However, after his death his brothers have begun to terrorize us. They have sworn to kill us if we do not convert to Islam. ” This is the dramatic and desperate appeal of a Christian woman and widow. Her husband was a forward-looking man, a Muslim but convinced defender of the right to religious freedom. She however is now in danger of being killed by his family members.
The marriage between Muhammad Sadiq Masih and Martha Bibi withstood years of pressure and threats from the man’s relatives, contrary to a bond with an ” unbeliever”. The pair remained united and over time became parents to three girls and one boy. The daughters were married to men from Christian families – a fragile and often persecuted minority in Pakistan – and decided to keep the faith of their mother.

However, after the father’s death, the girls began to receive threats and pressures from his brothers [ Islamists ] to convert. The eldest daughter Nosheen Afzal , who is married with Kamran Afzal , has suffered direct and personal threats from family members. An uncle branded them as “infidels,” because they live as Christians even though (the girl ) is the daughter of a Muslim . To escape the retaliation they had to leave their home the next night – in haste and in secret.

In recent days, her sisters were also targeted by relatives , with threats and pressures. For this reason the mother Martha Bibi turned to a pro human rights organization , including the Masihi Foundation, asking for protection and help. Denouncing the growing “climate of intolerance,” the foundation ‘s legal team immediately took steps lodging a complaint with the competent authorities, even asking protection for the family. Fr. Robin John , a priest of the Archdiocese of Lahore and activist demands their right to religious freedom and recalls the example provided by the family’s father who, though Muslim , he never wanted to impose his faith on his children . “This also allowed them to live happily .”

With a population of over 180 million people (97 per cent Muslim), Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and the second Muslim nation after Indonesia. Just under 80 per cent are Sunni Muslim, and 20 per cent are Shia. Hindus are around 1.85 per cent; Christians are 1.6 per cent and Sikhs 0.04 per cent. Violence against ethnic or religious minorities is commonplace across the country, from the province of Punjab in the north to Karachi in the southern province of Sindh, where more than 2,200 people were killed in the first eight months of 2012.

liberal logic

liberal logic

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Kerry makes the case for intervention in Syria, doesn’t explain why U.S. should aid al-Qaeda

Kerry makes the case for intervention in Syria, doesn't explain why U.S. should aid al-Qaeda

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of” — New York Times, April 28, 2013

Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda — USA Today, April 11, 2013

“Kerry lays out case for military intervention in Syria,” from MSN News, August 30:

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday laid out evidence supporting a military strike on Syria, saying, “The Assad regime has the largest chemical weapons program in the entire Middle East” and that “we know that the regime has used those weapons multiple times this year.”
Kerry spoke to reporters at the State Department while the White House simultaneously released of an unclassified version of a U.S. intelligence report on Syria’s use of chemical weapon, a move Kerry called “unprecedented.” The United States has been contemplating an attack on the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al Assad, despite opposition from some members of Congress and foreign governments.

“The United States government now knows that at least 1,429 civilians were killed in this attack,” including at least 426 children, Kerry said.

Kerry said that the Obama administration had consulted extensively with Congress about the intelligence but that ordinary Americans deserved to know as much as possible as well.

The report’s findings “are as clear as they are compelling,” Kerry said. “I’m not asking you to take my word for it. Read for yourself the evidence from thousands of sources.”

“Our intelligence community has carefully reviewed and re-reviewed information,” he added. “It has done so more than mindful of the Iraq experience. We will not repeat that experience.”

Although Kerry did not commit to a specific plan for a U.S. attack on Syria, he laid out extensive justification for a military strike, saying that the United States commitment to decency and the rule of law demands action. He vowed that any military action would not involve “boots on the ground,” would not be open-ended, and would not mean assuming responsibility for a years-long civil war in Syria that is already long underway.

“We know that after a decade of conflict, the American people are tired of war. Believe me, I am too. But fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility,” he said….


Exposed: Muslim Recruiting Station on Lackland Air Force Base, TX

Exposed: Muslim Recruiting Station on Lackland Air Force Base, TX

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to visit the Islamic Center of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX. The research findings were typical of most Sunni mosques around America. This is a Salafist (Wahabi) mosque. Inside were the typical violent materials such as Fiqh Us Sunnan, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Riyadh Al Salheen, and more.

The research findings were not a surprise since I have seen this type mosque hundreds of times during my research. What was interesting is the Islamic Center is near Lackland AFB. This is one of the U.S. Military largest training bases. All USAF personnel must conduct their initial training on this base. Here is what I discovered:

1. The Imam is Yousef Said, Ph D. Most of the worshippers are from Pakistan/Sunni-Salafist.
2. They had all the materials that identify them as supporting Al Qaeda, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
3. Very strict Sharia adherence. Many of the young girls were completely veiled.
4. The Center has a strong security team on the grounds 24 hours a day.
5. I met several men, the Imam, custodians, and their head of security.
6. The Islamic Center is closely linked to Masjid Beit El Magdes, 7627 Culebra Rd., San Antonio. They are also behind the Mosque on Lackland AFB. A Brother Jeffrey is the Imam at the Lackland mosque. I was informed the new USAF recruits at Lackland must study Islam and attend the mosque on base. Brother Jeffrey has a goal of recruiting/converting at least 3 Airmen per week. Thus far they have had no problem doing this.
7. There were brochures of Imam Siraj Wahhaj coming to San Antonio on 8 June 2013. Remember I have always said Wahhaj is America’s most dangerous Islamic leader. The meeting is open for all and will be held at the Crossroads Mall Wonderland of America, 4522 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 7pm – 10pm.
8. A former U.S. military member Terry Holdbrooks assigned to GITMO was converted by three GITMO prisoners. Holdbrooks now speaks at mosques. He was in San Antonio on 24 May 2013.
9. The Islamic Center has close ties with CAIR National.

Lackland Air Force Base is also home to a large number of Saudi Military. They attend training at this base for various aircraft related fields of study. Over the years there have been Saudi military that suddenly disappear into the American landscape. Many are part of the underground Islamic sleeper cell community.

Lackland AFB has a mosque and what I found disturbing was that non Muslims AF trainees at Lackland attend Islamic services at the mosque. The Islamic leaders at the Islamic Center of San Antonio informed me that new AF recruits must attend Islamic services at the mosque.

While the U.S. military has clamped down on military members having any connection to the Christian and Jewish faith, or speaking to one another about their religious beliefs, the military leaders are encouraging and demanding non Muslim USAF members attend Islamic services.

On August 23rd, 2013, I contacted the Chaplains office at Lackland AFB. I was informed Chaplain Rockman is the point of contact for Islamic services and holds services at Hope Chapel, Lackland AFB.

It is a sad day when our military leaders are emerging more as politicians than military men and women. It is sad that our USAF trainees are being shuttled to Islamic services and ultimately recruited by Islamic leaders at the rate of three per week, just on this base alone.

Not only is it sad that our military men and women are having to listen to the propaganda of Islamic leaders, it is a national security concern. Sharia law and the U.S. constitution are in no way compatible, and one can’t serve both Allah (Muslim God) and the God of Christians and Jews.

They also can’t faithfully serve our country and Sharia law at the same time. This is the lesson we have failed to learn given the recently ended trial of former, now convicted murderer, Nidal Hassan.

New Muslim brother initiated at Masjid Beit El Magdes:

DISGUSTING! Sweden is now sharia-compliant

DISGUSTING! Sweden is now sharia-compliant

A 22-year-old man is in court accused of having interfered the Islamic call to prayer at the Fittja mosque south of Stockholm. According to the prosecution, in May of this year the man drove past the mosque and honked his horn while the imam called for Friday prayers. The man is suspected of disturbing the service, a crime that can result in a fine or imprisonment of up to six months. He denies the offense.